Tickets on sale for Confessional!

Come see me as the lead in a Tennessee Williams play in an 80-seater C Venue location on the Royal Mile. Tickets are on sale HERE. Yes those are my lips in the promo pic! Or I should say Leona Dawson's my amazingly drunk and brilliant character. Can't wait!

Back By Demand!

A Doll's House was so successful that we are having three reprise performances! Check out the back by demand poster and a shot from the play! Can't wait for more.  

Latest production

I feel very honored to say that I was spotted in A School for Scandal and cast without auditioning for my latest role - A BRILLIANT PART, Nora in Henrik Ibsen's A Doll's House. Here is the poster! tickets can be bought at


I've been cast in A School for Scandal, which will begin rehearsals in early March - really looking forward to this project. I've also been busy this month filming a music video as well as a short film called 'Man on the Roof' with Central Film School, for which I had to learn how to ride a moped! It's been an interesting and fun past few weeks, can't wait to see whats next.

Watch this space!

I've been very busy this week recording commercial V.O in both American and British accents. Which will soon be posted! Keep your eyes and ears tuned to this spot. I'm also excited that nearly 20,000 people have seen my latest work Andy Burrow's 'See A Girl' on youtube. So humbled!

Our Play won 3rd Place in the Cambridge Theatre Challenge!

Very honored to have learnt that Nightwalking, Ladder Play #7 by Frank Canino - one of the plays I was in  with the Cambridge Theatre Challenge won third place, and that it was taken by audience vote. I'm glad to have contributed to the play's success. There images and the footage of the plays are yet to be released so watch this space!


I am so honored and thankful to the Darkchat team who came to see and review (BEAT) my solo show at the Fringe a last month. They just got in touch to send me the review, which I am over the moon to say received a 9/10 - which they say is an equivalent of 5 STARS rating. While the review is not online yet, here is what it says:

BEAT by Lizzie Stanton - Just the Tonic at The Caves. Saturday 23rd August 2014.


BEAT turned out to be my last show at this year’s Fringe and fulfilled my criteria of what a show here should be; a play I hadn’t planned to see, by an unknown (to me) performer in one of Edinburgh’s small venues.

BEAT is a solo show performed with an imaginative use of props such as a host of hand sanitisers (one for every day of the week), a toy dragon and a sparkly dragon costume as well as a brilliant LED glove dance routine. It explores the limitations of OCD in a humorous and touching story set around the lead, Cassie, and her family.

This was Lizzie Stanton’s first year performing in Edinburgh and I hope she will return for a longer run next year. She is a name I will be looking out for in 2015.
— Ruth Irwin, Dark Chat at the Edinburgh Fringe 2014

What an amazing month filming Trippin' in Taipei

Just got back from a month in Taiwan with three other classmates having filmed Trippin' in Taipei - my Sustained Independent Project (SIP) short film, which was part of our Royal Central degree.  Directed by Weichen Chang (who was 2nd AD on Oscar-winning Life of Pi!) we also had a professional crew of 35, over 20 extras, a pilgrimage bus, a crane, jib, dollies, the best art department I have ever worked with, and among one of the most beautiful countries I have ever been to for our locations! What an amazing experience it was... but I'll let the photos do the talking. 

I won another "Best Actress" award

Found out that I won my second Best Actress award at a short silent film festival hosted by CDT 2014! I am honored, and apparently have a small trophy to pick up... It's a shame I couldn't attend the evening as was filming a scene for the Upcoming screening. 

Six films in five weeks... Part 2


Film 3: The Butterfly Effect. This was such a fun project, I felt like I'd known all the crew for years by the end of the two day shoot. It was my first time working with the MET Film School, and I certainly hope to get more opportunities to do so again in the future.  Moreover, I saw the director's cut in a preview screening on the MET film school campus last thursday... and the cinematography in particular was beautiful. Funny though, that MET film School is in the same compound as Ealing Studios - And I quickly learnt how limited they are by being so closely located to London Heathrow in regards to sound. We had to time our takes in two minute intervals - between the scheduled flight takeoffs!

Film 4: 'Human' This was a very cool project, particularly because it was the first film for which I was scouted long-distance. Set and filmed in Edinburgh (with one day in the sunny but windy Pentlands), it is a documentary on the human species which examines the life of a young lost artist - played by yours truly! It was my first Skype audition, so I was thrilled to get the role. I have high hopes for the finished product, because the director, Carlota Castells seeks artistic perfection with each and every shot, and the camera we used was an Arri Elexa - the same camera on which Gravity was filmed! Also, it was the first time we used radios (for long shots) so that Carlota could communicate the specifics from across a mountain. Can't wait until it's released so I can post a link to it! 


Six films in five weeks.... Part 1

Film 1: 'The Call' This was the third and final project of our school term, and was a comedy short directed by Jane McGee, a BBC film commercial director. It was really fun to be in a film with my classmates - and it was the first of several. The renowned punch drunk theatre company was also kind enough to lend us their office as our mock call centre! Look out for the screening invite next month.


Film 2: I was lucky enough to be cast in Fusion - a romantic short with a rather saucy twist at the beginning of this month. It was for the Central Film School final films (By the way - Central Film School is completely unassociated with my school, Central School for Speech and Drama), and was written and directed by Hildegard Ryan, and I absolutely LOVED the script so was honored to be cast as the main character. I don't want to give too much away, but check out these pictures!

A busy few months ahead!

Great news! I've been cast in a couple of short films. One film, directed by Col Spector, we'll be filming in May as part of Central program (on a side note I'm also going to be a featured extra for another two of the Central films). Also I just found I'd been cast in another two that I'll be doing over the next week or so before I resume Central for term three in late April. I'm excited because I'll be collaborating with the MET Film school as well as Central Film School for these latter ones! Hopefully all of these are going to be submitted to festivals, and that'll beef up my IMDb page - but I have lots of learning, work and preparing scenes to do in the meantime!