Compilation of reviews for Confessional by Tennessee Williams

“In a performance which will win awards, Lizzie Stanton is barnstorming as Leona” – Johnny Fox


“…her blistering performance is a fierce flame that dares you to look away as she prowls the bar.” - There Ought to be Clowns


“What really sells the veracity of the show is Stanton's performance, whose Leona is a fearless creature in pain, unafraid to let he world knows how deeply she feels.” – Female Arts


“… An absolute tour-de-force from start to finish, exuding a real depth… terrifying and moving.” - The Bardette


“She stalks the bar as an aggressively vulnerable, shrewish, worldly-wise piece of trailer trash fearlessly dispensing advice to fellow drinkers.” - Theatre World


“The cast are universally strong and there’s something magnetic about Lizzie Stanton” - The Gay UK


“It is a peach of a part for a bravura actor, and she grasps every moment of the action and sucks out all the juice” – Live Theatre UK


“Stanton turns her inarticulacy into slurred poetry.” – Whats On Stage


“Stanton is undeniably the life force of the piece and remains completely absorbing from start to finish. It is a joy to watch her total command over the audience.” – Plays to see


“Lizzie Stanton is stunning. A true Williams heroine like Vivian Leigh.” – Boyz Magazine


“Mesmerizing… brittle, damaged but indefatigable, her performance is a rallying call for dispossessed survivors everywhere.” – Flaming Norma


“What an incredible find. Stanton is every ounce, as completely captivating as described … had every element of an award-winning role sewn up.” - Carn’s Theatre Passion