WHEN JACK MET LIZZIE in the Wall Street International Magazine

What a fabulous article to have published here in the Wall Street International Magazine.

"Seeing Stanton as the tragic and needy beautician in Silver’s Confessional, it’s clear she is every bit as fine and serious an actor as Rachel Weisz or Cate Blanchett. One can’t believe she’s not yet as famous. But if I’m not wrong, she will be soon. The influential stage blog, Broadway Baby proclaimed “Stanton grounds Williams’ often poetic, always complex speeches with a down-to-earth reality. She stumbles around the room in perfect control of the scene. She laughs, cries and drinks with such vivacity that it is often impossible to look anywhere else on stage.”

Silver is quick to acknowledge the auspicious casting of his star: “Lizzie just brought something incredible to the role. Leona is so different to her, and yet there’s so much of Lizzie in there. She’s one of the best actress I’ve ever seen and there’s no way we’d have had the success we did without her performance.”"