FringeGuru gave us five stars!

Lizzie Stanton absolutely smashes it as beautician Leona. It’s difficult to take your eyes off her, and Stanton adeptly achieves the complex character of a woman whose life has given her knocks enough to make her staunchly independent. We encounter her at a point when she’s ready to move on up the coast from Treasure Island trailer park, without the lowlife she’s given a rent-free home for six months. As she rants at him, she superbly pulls off a balance between aggression – letting him know exactly how it’s going to be – and an observable vulnerability and loneliness.

At the end, we learn that the company lost and found a new sponsor only a few days before the Fringe. It would have been a tragedy had this powerful production not made it to Edinburgh… and I’m betting that it’s only the start of great things to come for Lizzie Stanton.
— FringeGuru

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