Six films in five weeks... Part 2


Film 3: The Butterfly Effect. This was such a fun project, I felt like I'd known all the crew for years by the end of the two day shoot. It was my first time working with the MET Film School, and I certainly hope to get more opportunities to do so again in the future.  Moreover, I saw the director's cut in a preview screening on the MET film school campus last thursday... and the cinematography in particular was beautiful. Funny though, that MET film School is in the same compound as Ealing Studios - And I quickly learnt how limited they are by being so closely located to London Heathrow in regards to sound. We had to time our takes in two minute intervals - between the scheduled flight takeoffs!

Film 4: 'Human' This was a very cool project, particularly because it was the first film for which I was scouted long-distance. Set and filmed in Edinburgh (with one day in the sunny but windy Pentlands), it is a documentary on the human species which examines the life of a young lost artist - played by yours truly! It was my first Skype audition, so I was thrilled to get the role. I have high hopes for the finished product, because the director, Carlota Castells seeks artistic perfection with each and every shot, and the camera we used was an Arri Elexa - the same camera on which Gravity was filmed! Also, it was the first time we used radios (for long shots) so that Carlota could communicate the specifics from across a mountain. Can't wait until it's released so I can post a link to it!