Six films in five weeks.... Part 1

Film 1: 'The Call' This was the third and final project of our school term, and was a comedy short directed by Jane McGee, a BBC film commercial director. It was really fun to be in a film with my classmates - and it was the first of several. The renowned punch drunk theatre company was also kind enough to lend us their office as our mock call centre! Look out for the screening invite next month.


Film 2: I was lucky enough to be cast in Fusion - a romantic short with a rather saucy twist at the beginning of this month. It was for the Central Film School final films (By the way - Central Film School is completely unassociated with my school, Central School for Speech and Drama), and was written and directed by Hildegard Ryan, and I absolutely LOVED the script so was honored to be cast as the main character. I don't want to give too much away, but check out these pictures!