Keeping busy (ish)


Frankly after the chaos of Williamstown Theatre Festival I'm at an all-time and quite peaceful lull in my acting career - stuff. What I mean is, is that I have more than four seconds to think! I'm back in Providence, hanging around enjoying my last couple of weeks of summer before Grad School, doing my required reading, AND I'm recording audiobooks for AudioGO - which is actually really fun. Remember back to one of my earlier blog posts in which I attached my initial audition? That seed finally came to bear fruit when I got a call for a book about two weeks ago. I recorded Marion Chesney's 'The Banishment' which is a Jane Austin - esque romance. Fun, short and quirky british book. I'll be sure to attach a link when it's released! Here's the booth where I spent three days recording the book! Of course, this is before I'd completely ransacked it by moving in - better to imagine it with papers everywhere, highlighters of various colours galore, and me sitting cross-legged, meditation style recording into the microphone in comfy not classy clothes (the beauty of voice over work is no-one cares about your image)!  

recording studio audioGO.jpg