Thinking about comp cards

I've decided it's about time I start pulling together looks to create an actor comp card. It's been difficult typecasting myself. But I've decided I need 4 - 5 very different looks/roles I can play (and collect in photographs for the card). Funnily enough the easiest way to typecast yourself is actually to ask a complete stranger what role they would think you would play in a movie! I was told by my acting teacher, Lowry Marshall when I first started acting that realistically I can play 21 to 25 years old (or 18 to 27 at a push), and I've been asking around to find out what roles I could play in these ages. Here's what I've got so far.

 • A sophisticated lead or support in a period piece (using my british accent, and realistic age range)

• A younger sister, middle upper class American in a modern day (When I have the accent down!)

• Sultry or dangerous girl - maybe an action movie supporting actress?

but NOT the ingenue. Good to know! 

I like these two comp cards to the right - the woman's one showcases the range of roles she can play - and as you can see it reflects her diversity well! I like the man's because he was unafraid to make big physical statements... and showcase his talents (although maybe not all four pictures should have been devoted to action). maybe it's time for me to pull out my talents? Where did those kickboxing hand wraps get to? Anyone have a horse I can borrow for a period piece photograph? haha