I cannot even begin to describe how cool out next Central project is - I literally cannot go into too much detail because the work we are doing is top secret! The project is based on very very rigorous independent character work - acting work as if we were being directed by Mike Leigh.

"Leigh begins his projects without a script, but starts from a basic premise which is developed through improvisation by the actors. Leigh works initially one-to-one with each actor, developing a character who is based, in the first place, on someone he or she knows."

All I can tell you is that I will be working one on one with my course tutor - Amanda, and together we will come up with the concept of a character who I will work on for the next few weeks until our assessment. The assessment will either be a filmed group improvisation (with my other classmates, all as our characters - the first time we will see everybody else's work), a monologue on a subject given to me in my character, or  even my doing a task in a setting from which I can be examined from afar by my course tutor!