I'm in LONDON! Attending Drama School!

Today was my second day of Central - and I'm so pumped for the year ahead. I'm on a course with 19 other amazing students including one of the close runners up for Idol Portugal, an award-winning Taiwanese actress, fashion models, musical-theatre actors, musicians, singers, and a martial arts specialist among so many other things - I am absolutely honored and quite humbled to be working alongside such talent! We've had a voice class, a camera class, two movement classes, a chi gung class, and a scene study class in just these two days - and I can already see how much potential I have to grow and cultivate my craft here. At the beginning of one class today we were asked to write down our goals for the year. This is what I wrote:


I want to feel comfortable being in front of the camera in the professional world, having and knowing a whole toolbox of the rules and techniques of film acting so that practicing good technique is second nature, and I can give myself over to creativity and my imagination. I also want accessing my full voice to be second nature, in my acting and my personal life - and to master an american accent. lastly I want to be able to find power in stillness.