I'm Amy Jo Bergman MAD

I took this off Amy's facebook page. it speaks so much about her... Contagious optimism.

I've spent a large amount of my time this break watching and re-watching Amy Jo Bergman's video tips on acting. I think I've linked to some of her Backstage articles before, however she has created a whole facebook page "Tips on Acting and Auditioning" dedicated to giving actors and actresses like me free advice. I love her, because she is so optimistic in her outlook and she presents her (very valid) information in a friendly, understandable way. Here is a one video that particularly rings true with me... "VERY "SIGNIFICANT" AUDITION TIP" as I'm sure it would many other actors. Another video,  "Your Questions Answered by a Prominent Hollywood Talent Manager" is particularly relevant to me, being a British actress in the US. I am so thankful for the few friendly faces that make the sometimes cruel theatre world just that much warmer.