Yermedea ... Up, Up, and Away!


My latest Project - and it's an important one. I am the film documenter for Yermedea, a play written by Erik Ehn, and directed by Kym Moore. The play is a merging of two tales of Yerma and Medea, and seeks to expose how women are affected in places of armed conflict and genocide. 

Through tales of Yerma (a woman who wanted children but was barren) and Medea (the classic tragedy of the woman who went mad and killed her children), we learn that artillery and explosives aren't the only weaponry used in war - rape and children are too. 

Additionally, the play seeks to educate our communities that are affected by similar situations. 

I will be following and documenting the process of the play, which will initially be performed at Brown, before it leaves on a professional tour to show at 95 Empire in downtown Providence, The Factory Theatre in Boston and finally as one of seventeen plays participating in the Soulographie Festival in NYC at La Mama E.T.C.

Want to jump on board? You can! ... In the words of our outreach manager, Chantel Whittle "We need a lot of money to make all of this outreach and education initiatives happen. There are a lot of people involved that have been working for little to no money. We need your help. Please give what you can to our Indiegogo campaign. There are awesome perks that come with each donation and they're tax deductible! Please spread the word to everyone you know. This is really important work and we want to make it happen!" 

Just follow the link to DONATE