Another 'Difficult' production on it's way

Went down to Frank Difficult's studio last night to get some footage for a Kickstarter campaign. We are going to create a sci fi web series, with a very unique aesthetic... here are some stills from the footage we took! I'll be sure to keep the updates coming, and will link to the campaign when it's up too!

I love working with Frank - you never quite know what you are going to get, but the process is always fun, and the product is always edgy. Dave, (the melting man seen above) Nate and Connie were also there, and because we had previously worked together in 'Drama' the 48hr film, we were mostly having fun catching up, and playing around to find cool shots to help Frank brainstorm ideas for the web series.  We had the rear projection screen, a fan, colored lights, a smoke machine, cool costumes as well as a wheelchair (for panning shots) all at our disposal... the result are these rather cool "otherworldly" sets.