Old Footage revisited:

The video to the left is the film for which I won the Best Actress award for the 2012 Providence 48HR Film Project. The project rules: teams are given 48 hours - a specific weekend, to make (write, shoot, edit and score) a movie.  At 6 pm on the Friday night, teams are given a character, a prop, a line of dialogue and the genre of the movie - all which must be included in the final product. This time, the character was 'Dear Alice' - an advice columnist, a prop had to be an automobile part, the line to include was 'We have to get going' and the genre of the film had to be a drama. It was certainly a tiring weekend, particularly because i was involved in two projects, and had a lead role in both. This film was shot from Friday 9pm through to 4am... the other I was in, entitled "Fear Alice" was filmed from 10am - 6pm Saturday! 

Check out the project: www.48hourfilm.com


This film won Best Use of Genre, and Best Actress. A big thankful shout-out to the director, Frank Difficult.