Links for your procrastination needs...

Firstly I really want to share this backstage article I really appreciated reading... It's about finding the right audition attitudes. It really helped me actualize the attitude that no role is too small! Otherwise, this backstage article helped me understand the necessity of finding the subtext of characters.

Also; I don't know why I found this F&A Blog page so intriguing, perhaps because of the intersection between math and art, but I thought I'd share it. Where would math intersect with performance art/theatre? What would M.C Escher do on a stage?

This is a great website for international artists: It has advice regarding immigration, VISAs, procedures, and is subjective and artist-friendly. 

Lastly, if you are really seeking to procrastinate, here's a backstage list of some of the best film performances of 2012, and many are female roles! I'm slowly going to  make my way through these movies this break... (for inspiration of course!) happy happy holidays :D