Good Endings and New Beginnings...

I'm so sad! Today we finished the filming of Officer Toadfrog - which has been a crazy fun project. It's weird reaching the end of the filming... I've learnt so much through the experience. There's nothing like the bonding that arises out of 6am shoots in the RI cold! Soooo..... bring on the post-production! (I'm wanting to get involved with the editing, to learn how to do it, and also as a way of getting familiar with how I look and work on camera.) Catch the premiere on December 10th... There is to be a grand screening of all the BTV films at the Granhoff... details will be posted later!

Apart from one final shoot for The Blog, I am now at my first filming break in a while, having finished Miasma last weekend. At least I am now free to get a long-overdue haircut.... (I'm thinking shorter and darker???). 

Filming the Toadfrog pogo stick scene at Seekonk River Drawbridge!

Filming the Toadfrog pogo stick scene at Seekonk River Drawbridge!

While I'm sad to be reaching the end of the BTV projects I am also getting super psyched for two new projects I am to be involved in:

Andrew Migliori has cast me in his senior RISD film The Donner Party, which is a musical - I'm Leanna Donner. If you don't know the story I don't want to spoil anything but my character has a subtly menacing personality and peculiar tastes to say the least! We are scheduled to shoot over a four-day period in new Hampshire in January ( ... where we are most guaranteed to have a solid amount of snow). I'm glad because this is the first project for which I'm having to commit to an american accent - thank god Michelle Migliori is going to work alongside the filming as my accent coach! I'm seeing the four day shooting as an intensive american accent immersion too! 

Otherwise, I have also just heard from a local Providence filmmaker Justine Bevilacqua, the Director of the Video Program at the Everett Stage School that I have a role in her web-series. It's going to be my first time playing a lesbian, so I'm super excited. I've seen so many stella performances of actors playing LGBTQ characters recently that I have plenty of inspiration. Thank you Evan Strouss (Kiss of the Spider Woman at Brown), Phillip Seymore Hoffman (Flawless - his acting blew my mind! and Capote ), and even Javier Bardem (Skyfall!) 

Better start learning my lines!

On a side note I encourage one and all to check out the Everett School: I went to their Friday Night Live improv show two days ago and was in stitches. It was one of those great performances in which I didn't know anyone else in the audience but left feeling like I'd shared something with everyone there. They seem to have a bunch of cool stuff going on though too... film classes, workshops, improv singing classes, collaborative projects, you name it. I'm definitely trying to get involved!