Time for a Reel....

Now that I'm actually getting some experience acting on film under my belt, I've started looking into the process of creating a good actors reel. I found a Backstage article with a pretty objective summary of what a good reel should include... Check it out!

I've also been shifting through youtube reels of actors to try and figure out what looks good, or what would make me want to hire an actor. I liked aspects of both of these ones to the right -each has given me ideas about things I'd like to try and include in my own reel,

SUCH AS: A variety of emotions and roles, different accents, and closeups of facial expressions as well as full body shots. Also, the most gripping reels I found included action; not just fighting, drama, and breaking windows, etc but also a general arch in the movement of the reel. Lastly, I like the idea of using B roll as the opening screen, on which I have my contact information,

I'm also becoming aware of things to STAY CLEAR OF: Namely having a reel exceeding 2 minutes, or scenes with someone who might look similar to me (I couldn't instantly tell which actor some reels were showcasing!)

Also, as I'm specifically creating an actors showreel, I realize my reel should be more based in the strengths of my acting rather than pulling something together that simply aims to make me look good or attractive, which some of the model reels do. 

So... Now I just need some more film work under my belt and actual footage to put my reel together with! NO BIGGIE!