... for Confessional

"Seeing Lizzie Stanton as the tragic and needy beautician in Silver's Confessional, it's clear she is every bit as fine and serious an actor as Rachel Weisz or Cate Blanchett. One can't believe she's not yet as famous. But if I'm right she will be soon." The Wall Street International - Full Review

"It is a peach of a part for a bravura actor and Lizzie Stanton grasps every moment of the action and sucks out all the juice." Live Theatre UK - Full Review

Lizzie Stanton plays marvelously as one of Williams' tragic heroines. The character feels like a lower class Blanche DuBois, or an unmarried Maggie Pollitt, with that same emotional intensity and brutal honesty. Stanton grounds Williams' often poetic, always complex speeches with a down-to-earth reality. She stumbles around the room in perfect control of the scene. She laughs, cries and drinks with such vivacity that it is often impossible to look anywhere else on stage... a powerhouse leading performance." Broadway Baby - Full review

"Lizzie Stanton absolutely smashes it as beautician Leona. It's difficult to take your eyes off her, and Stanton adeptly achieves the complex character of a woman whose life has given her knocks enough to make her staunchly independent. We encounter her at a point when she's ready to move on up the coast without the lowlife she's given a rent-free home for six months. As she rants at him she superbly pulls off the balance between aggression - letting him know exactly how it's going to be - and an observable vulnerability and loneliness... I'm betting that it's only the start of great things to come for Lizzie Stanton." FringeGuru - Full Review

"In a performance which will win awards Lizzie Stanton is barnstorming as Leona" Johnny Fox - Full Review

“…her blistering performance is a fierce flame that dares you to look away as she prowls the bar.” There Ought to be Clowns - Full Review

"She stalks the bar as an aggressively vulnerable, shrewish, worldly-wise piece of trailer trash fearlessly dispensing advice to fellow drinkers... she morphs impressively from tough to tender in the blink of an eye" Theatre World Full Review

“Stanton turns her inarticulacy into slurred poetry.” Whats On Stage - Full Review

“Mesmerizing… brittle, damaged but indefatigable, her performance is a rallying call for dispossessed survivors everywhere.” Flaming Norma - Full Review


“What an incredible find. Stanton is every ounce, as completely captivating as described … had every element of an award-winning role sewn up.” Carn’s Theatre Passion - Full Review

“Stanton received wide acclaim for her role during Confessional's Edinburgh run and it's easy to see why. her performance is an absolute tour-de-force from start to finish, exuding a real depth to her portrayal that is both terrifying and moving. She's strong when not drunkenly emotional and can see the poison of this town through the head spinning blur.” - The Bardette - Full Review

“The performances are all solid, but the star of the show is Lizzie Stanton as the emotional but caring Leona. Her performance alone makes the piece worth seeing"  Three Weeks - Full Review

"The cast are universally strong and there’s something magnetic about Lizzie Stanton" The Gay UK - Full Review

"Laid-back bar-owner Monk (Raymond Bethley) presides referee-like over a slew of volatile customers dominated by Leona (Lizzie Stanton), the feisty trailer park beautician who's just whacked her mentally ill mate Violet (Simone Somers-Yeates), who's now crying her eyes out in the ladies' loo... the cast seriously shows it's chops" The Stage - Full Review

"There are two striking female characters in conflict, and these are very well portrayed... worth seeing simply for these two central performances" ScotsGay

"The company performs William's deeply felt dialog beautifully. Whether dealing with a girl she's supported, an unfaithful lover, or an unlicensed doctor, the hairdresser protagonist dissects each person with a perfectly aimed jagged knife rant." FringeFan

“What really sells the veracity of the show is Stanton's performance, whose Leona is a fearless creature in pain, unafraid to let he world knows how deeply she feels.”  Female Arts - Full review

“Stanton is undeniably the life force of the piece and remains completely absorbing from start to finish. It is a joy to watch her total command over the audience.” Plays to see - FULL REVIEW


“Lizzie Stanton is stunning. A true Williams heroine like Vivian Leigh.” Boyz Magazine


... for Lulu

"Stanton is riveting and contained so Lulus force remains both enigmatic and destructive. " Fringe Review - Full Review

"Lizzie Stanton is masterful as Lulu - and beautiful ...  her sexual power games betray the teenager who was not allowed to experiment as she grew up. " Fringe Guru - Full Review

"Stanton performance is one of subtlety, seeming at once both confident and vulnerable, a victim and a survivor." Box Five - Full Review


 ... for ( B E A T )

"She is a name I will be looking out for in 2015" DarkChat


... for Pygmalion

"Lizzie Stanton was terrific as Eliza Doolittle. The tears as she realised the extent of her exploitation provided a heart-stopping Climax" The Greenwich Visitor - Full Review